"If someone attacks you, you hit back swiftly,
you hit back decisively,
and you hit back truthfully."

Barack Obama



"Neil Jenman failed in his own real estate office"

Neil Jenman opened his own real estate office, Jenman Real Estate, in the Sydney suburb of Auburn on February 18, 1984. Within months, his agency was a leading sales agency in the area. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman is a discharged bankrupt"

Neil Jenman has never been bankrupt. Nor has any company, of which he has been a director, ever been placed in receivership, administration or gone bust. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman earned a million dollars in a week"

Hang on. One minute, the critics are accusing Jenman of being a failed agent and the next minute they are accusing him of making too much money. That's laughable. The silly spruikers don't know what's going. |Read more|

"Jenman sold his own home at auction"

For years, Neil Jenman has been a fierce critic of the auction system. He has exposed the deceit of dummy bidding and false quoting. He has shown how auctions are used by many agents to bully and intimidate sellers. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman never had a real estate license"

Neil's response to this: "If I had operated an unlicensed real estate agency for ten years, then, not only would I have been breaking the law, but I would also have to refund the millions of dollars in commissions that I earned over the years." |Read more|

Jenman tells agents to charge more

The spruikers have got hold of an article that Neil Jenman wrote many years ago in which, according to the spruikers, he urges [his] agent followers to charge more commission. What Jenman actually told agents was that if they do a good job and get a good price for the owners, they are entitled to a good fee. Jenman stands by that article today. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman said he'd con the conmen"

This is one of the strangest criticisms made by the crooks. When ABC television's program Australian Story, featured the life of Neil Jenman, Neil said, ""I'll con the con men in order to save the people that they've ripped off." |Read more|

"Neil Jenman makes millions from his franchises"

Neil does not have a franchise network of agents. He has never owned a franchise. Indeed, he has, for many years, opposed the common real estate franchise model (which often takes a huge slice of agents' profits). |Read more|

"Neil Jenman lost two defamation cases"

Neil Jenman has written thousands of articles about spruikers. He has received hundreds of threats.
There are only two cases, however, which have involved serious legal action. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman concealed two Victoria Crosses"

In the late 1990s Neil Jenman bought two Victoria Cross medals at two separate auctions. He later donated one of the medals to the United Service Club in Brisbane. He loaned the Club the second medal. Due to the soaring value of Victoria Crosses since 2000, for safety reasons, the Club decided to display replicas of the medals. |Read more|

"Neil Jenman didn't visit his mother for 14 years"

Anyone who watched Neil Jenman's story on the ABC'S Australian Story will know that this criticism is a wicked distortion of the truth. Neil Jenman and his mother had a deep and close bond which lasted a lifetime, despite the abuse of Neil's mother by her husband. |Read more|