Why are crooks so angry with Jenman?
It’s simple - he exposes their scams.

Here is a small sample of
8 types of scams
that Neil Jenman exposes.




The investors are told that the land will soon be re-zoned

Con artists (mostly from overseas) buy a few acres of rural land close to a residential area (usually in the UK). They then 'pretend' to subdivide the land into individual blocks which they then sell to duped investors.
The investors are told that the land will soon be re-zoned (from rural use to residential use) which supposedly means that the value will skyrocket. | Read more |


Two-tier marketing scam

One of the most common property scams of the 1990s was the two-tier marketing scam. Out-of-town investors were flown into an area (often the Gold Coast) and talked into buying over-priced properties. This created what became known as a two-tier property market - the first tier being sold to locals at the correct market price and the second tier being properties sold to uninformed strangers at inflated prices. In many areas, more than half the sales were made to out-of-town buyers. Thousands of people were ripped off in two-tier marketing scams. | Read more |


Many spruikers call themselves wealth coaches

The property industry is riddled with self-proclaimed "educators", all claiming to have some magical secrets that, when applied, lead straight to riches. These so-called secrets are bundled up into education programs and courses which are sold to gullible investors for thousands of dollars. | Read more |


Neil Jenman believes that 'insider trading' is theft

Neil Jenman has always had an extreme dislike of what he calls the property 'insider traders' - estate agents who buy properties from their clients (often the sick and elderly) for far below their true value. The properties are then re-sold and the agents pocket the easy profits. This is a common real estate crime that Neil Jenman has exposed many times. | Read more |


Neil Jenman has campaigned hard against rent-to-buy schemes, exposing them as scams

As the housing affordability crisis has worsened, thousands of people (mostly young couples) have seen their home ownership dreams disappear. Many people have resigned themselves to never being able to buy their own homes. A lifetime of renting seems to lie ahead of them.
But then, all of a sudden, along comes an idea called 'RENT TO BUY'. The spruikers who promote this idea hold themselves out to be 'housing heroes' or 'the battlers' friend. | Read more |


The impression was one of complete safety

There are few sights more heart breaking than to see people losing their life's savings. In the past five years, tens of thousands of Australians (many retired or on the brink of retirement) have, collectively, lost hundreds of millions of dollars through investing in what they thought (and were told) were safe and low/no risk investment deposit schemes. | Read more |


Jenman's comments about bait pricing have made him unpopular with many real estate agents.

Imagine, for a moment, what would happen if petrol stations advertised petrol for, say, $0.90 per litre but when motorists filled their cars, they discovered the real price was $1.30 per litre. There would be a national outcry. Service station operators and oil companies would be quickly prosecuted. They would face huge fines. The media scrutiny would be intense. | Read more |


These have been examples of just eight of the many scams that Neil Jenman has exposed, all of which have earned him the intense dislike of spruikers and agents who scam the public. For more details on many more scams, please visit the main Jenman web site at…