Protecting the man who protects consumers.

This web site responds to some of the most common lies, rumours, innuendoes and truth-twisting-tales about Neil Jenman.

Property and finance are multi-billion dollar industries. Tens of thousands of Australian investors have collectively lost hundreds of millions of dollars in property and finance scams. Each day scores of consumers are being fleeced.

Neil Jenman is a committed consumer advocate and a fearless investigator of scams. Through his books, his articles and his comments in the media, Jenman warns the public about scams. He exposes the crooked spruikers and schemers. He names and shames the villains.

Neil's effectiveness as a consumer advocate can be measured by the intense hatred he receives from the spruiking community.

"If crooks liked me, I wouldn't be doing my job," says Jenman. "I am proud to be so disliked by so many rogues."

Neil Jenman has saved thousands of consumers from being ripped off by property and finance spruikers.

Of course, when he saves consumers, he hurts the spruikers because the spruikers can't rip-off the public. The spruikers lose money because Jenman exposes their crooked schemes. It drives them absolutely nuts. And it makes many of them seek revenge. They want to hurt Neil Jenman.

At times, Neil Jenman has been a lone voice warning investors about scams. At great cost to himself - professionally, financially and personally - Neil Jenman has tackled crooked spruikers head-on.

Many spruikers hit back at Jenman by using the same methods they use to cheat the public. They lie and deceive. The more Jenman hurts the spruikers, the more the spruikers try to discredit him. And, as you will see, the more foolish the spruikers often appear.

When it comes to attempting to smear Neil Jenman, spruikers tell some of their biggest lies. They also use one of their favourite rip-off techniques - they twist the truth in order to mislead and deceive the public.

Fortunately, the average member of the public is a lot smarter than the average spruiker. Faced with two sets of "facts" (the spruiker-created false "facts", or the true facts) most people can figure out what's really going on.

As you'll see (when you know what you're looking for), the property and finance crooks have a stench that's hard to miss.

This web site responds to some of the most common lies, rumours, innuendoes and truth-twisting-tales perpetrated by some of the most vile spruikers in the world (many of whom either have criminal records or are committing criminal acts).

Whatever you may think about Neil Jenman, remember this: Jenman does NOT ask you to invest your money with him.

The spruikers want your money. Jenman wants your safety.

So, have a browse of this web site and remember Neil's well-known slogan: DON'T SIGN ANYTHING! - at least until you are absolutely certain that you are safe.

Neil Jenman's warning about spruikers will help to keep you safe.