Neil Jenman receives a steady stream of letters from the spruikers' lawyers. The letters usually begin with the words, "We act for [name of spruiker]".

It is tempting to grab a felt pen and write the words "HOW COULD YOU?!" across the letters and send them back.

But no, Neil usually replies to the letters. Not all of them, most of them.

Neil Jenman is always willing to edit or remove comments if it can be shown that the comments are incorrect. In 99.999% of cases, however, the comments are correct.

The spruikers are incensed that their scams are publicly exposed. Many of them go to those lawyers whose only requirement for taking a client is the client's ability to pay, not the morals of the client. Shame on such lawyers. You disgrace all lawyers.

Neil Jenman often gives the following advice to the spruikers' lawyers: "Make sure you get paid in advance."