The investors are told that the land will soon be re-zoned

Con artists (mostly from overseas) buy a few acres of rural land close to a residential area (usually in the UK). They then 'pretend' to subdivide the land into individual blocks which they then sell to duped investors.

The investors are told that the land will soon be re-zoned (from rural use to residential use) which supposedly means that the value will skyrocket.

To make the scam appear legitimate (all scams need a legitimate face), the crooks will claim to be holding a large portion of the land for themselves. They will tell investors that there is "power in numbers" and that the more people who own land bank 'plots', the more the chance of re-zoning.

Unfortunately, the opposite is true because, when dozens of different owners of the same few acres are scattered all over the world, owners are difficult (impossible) to contact, which makes it almost impossible for the land to be 'sold' to a developer.

But worse than locating the owners is the fact that most of the land sold in this manner has no prospect of being rezoned for residential use for many years. And by "many years" it could be hundreds of years.

By then, of course, the investors and the crooks will be all gone. And the land bank scams will enter the history books.

FOOTNOTE: Some of the people involved in land bank scams are ex-criminals who have served time in jail.

One of Neil Jenman's biggest critics is a land bank spruiker from England whose scheme was exposed by Jenman in Australia. The authorities effectively booted the spruiker out of Australia. Today, this sick and bitter man spends thousands of hours trying to figure out new ways to smear Neil Jenman.