"Neil Jenman failed in his own real estate office"

Neil Jenman opened his own real estate office, Jenman Real Estate, in the Sydney suburb of Auburn on February 18, 1984. Within months, his agency was a leading sales agency in the area.

Jenman Real Estate belonged to a franchise network which numbered up to 70 other real estate offices. Neil's office was almost permanently the number one sales office in the network.

By the early 1990s, so many agents were seeking Neil's guidance that he started to give talks to other agents on how to consistently achieve high levels of sales and profits.

Neil Jenman's main "secret" to success was that he shunned the typical real estate methods, especially when it came to the treatment of sales staff. He designed his own systems and strategies (which later became known as 'The Jenman System') based on ethics and hard work.

He introduced a Guarantee for Homesellers. He paid salaries to sales staff instead of the commonly accepted 'commission only' methods. He created intense loyalty from both clients and staff.

Here is the TRUTH:

Neil Jenman's real estate office (which he owned for almost ten years) was one of the most successful in Australia, both in sales figures and client satisfaction. If it was a failure, as some critics claim, then how did he manage to sell it for what was probably a record sum for a real estate sales department?

Here is Neil's challenge to his critics: "In ten years, my real estate office dealt with thousands of sellers and buyers. Why don't you find past Jenman clients who claim that I ripped them off?"

It's far simpler to say, "Aw, Neil Jenman, he was just a failed agent."

Jenman responds: "Well, if failure means I failed to use the methods that many agents use to rip-off consumers, then I guess I was a failure. I failed to become a typical agent."

"I have never ripped off a homebuyer, a homeseller or an investor."