Landlord Bullied | Advertising Demand for Unsold Property | Refusal to Release Sellers | Negotiating to Sell or Buy

It would be easy to fill a book with stories about finance and investment scams (and Neil Jenman's efforts to thwart the spruikers and rescue the consumers). Indeed, in 2009, such a book is coming. Neil Jenman's third book, Stitched!, is nearing completion. It has a cast of characters numbering about 150 spruikers. Many times, of course, it's the same scam done by a different spruiker.

Neil Jenman's rescue work with consumers covers cases such as those mentioned earlier plus a host of sundry scams. Each day brings more requests for help. Here are four quick examples…

Landlord Bullied. A real estate agent was refusing to hand over the keys to an investment property. The agent told the owner that 90 days notice must be given to sack the agent. The owner contacted Neil Jenman who designed a polite but firm email which the owner sent to the agent. The next day the agent handed over the keys.

A lot of agents are bullies. But, like all bullies, they only pick on those they believe are weaker than them. As soon as someone with some obvious knowledge stands up to the bullying agents, they soon back down.

Advertising Demand for Unsold Property. One of the most common complaints about agents is that the agent has failed to sell a property yet is still demanding money (often thousands of dollars) in advertising expenses. In some cases, the agents are not entitled to these expenses. Neil Jenman has assisted many owners in their fight to have advertising costs reduced or waived completely.

Refusal to Release Sellers. It's a common scam in real estate. An agent promises owners a big price. The owners sign up with the agent. The owners are soon asked to reduce their price. When the owners refuse, the agent then says, "Well, you have signed up with me for 90 days, you cannot go with another agent." When sellers in this predicament contact Neil Jenman, he often tells them how to persuade the agent to release them.

Negotiating to Sell or Buy. Because they only buy or sell once or twice every ten years or so, most consumers are novices when it comes to negotiating with agents. It is so easy for them to rip themselves off through their own inexperience. Neil Jenman helps thousands of sellers and buyers to get a better deal.