Many spruikers call themselves wealth coaches

The property industry is riddled with self-proclaimed "educators", all claiming to have some magical secrets that, when applied, lead straight to riches. These so-called secrets are bundled up into education programs and courses which are sold to gullible investors for thousands of dollars.

Many spruikers call themselves wealth coaches. One has even claimed to have registered the words 'super secrets'. He then sells his get-rich program for upwards of $3,000. Those who hand over their money soon discover that there are no secrets at all. Indeed, this particular spruiker (who sells 'secrets' for several thousand dollars) then admits, in writing, that there are no secrets.

The education material sold by spruikers is almost always a scam. The information is often re-worked huff-and-puff motivational mumbo-jumbo. If ever the spruikers do offer good information, it has usually been stolen from respectable sources where it could have been obtained for a few dollars (or free) instead of the thousands of dollars charged by the spruikers.

FOOTNOTE: One spruiker is so brazen in his stealing of respectable material that he recently published a book, the contents of which were almost all completely stolen from other sources (including many pages stolen from Neil Jenman). This spruiker has set up a web site which pretends to be a consumer warning site, but which is used by him to smear his critics (including Jenman). That's right, he steals Neil Jenman's words, then purports to warn the public about Neil Jenman. Seriously.