"Neil Jenman didn't visit his mother for 14 years"

Anyone who watched Neil Jenman's story on the ABC'S Australian Story will know that this criticism is a wicked distortion of the truth. Neil Jenman and his mother had a deep and close bond which lasted a lifetime, despite the abuse of Neil's mother by her husband.

Neil Jenman and his mother, Ruth. May 2008.
Neil Jenman and his mother, Ruth. May 2008.
As Neil said on Australian Story, one of his biggest regrets is that he was unable to protect his mother from his father's violence. It was the father who tore the family apart. He forbade his wife to speak with her son. After he died, Neil and his mother were reunited.

In October 2008, Neil's mother died at Neil's Sydney home. In the week before she died, Neil's mother said, "The best day of my life was the day I was reunited with my son."

Here is the TRUTH:

Neil's mother often said, "I could not have wished for a better son". She was proud of Neil, especially of his work in protecting consumers; although she worried constantly about the threats he receives.

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