"Neil Jenman concealed two Victoria Crosses"

In the late 1990s Neil Jenman bought two Victoria Cross medals at two separate auctions. He later donated one of the medals to the United Service Club in Brisbane. He loaned the Club the second medal. Due to the soaring value of Victoria Crosses since 2000, for safety reasons, the Club decided to display replicas of the medals. The original VCs were placed in a bank vault. According to Bruce Ruxton, the high-profile RSL member, the real medals should have been on display. Astonishingly, some of Jenman's critics then accused him of being unpatriotic.

Had Jenman wanted to, he could have sold both his Victoria Cross medals and pocketed a huge profit, upwards of a million dollars for each medal. Instead, he gave one medal away and is currently considering several candidates so that he can, one day, donate the other medal.

To read a press article on Jenman's Victoria Cross medals, please click here.     (PDF )

Here is the TRUTH:

The two Victoria Crosses purchased by Neil Jenman are both presently on public display at the Queensland Museum in Brisbane. Click here for details.