"Neil Jenman lost two defamation cases"

Neil Jenman has written thousands of articles about spruikers. He has received hundreds of threats.

There are only two cases, however, which have involved serious legal action.

This is the only case decided by a Judge. In this case, there were ten points (known, at law, as 'imputations'). The Judge found that Jenman had successfully proved eight of the ten imputations, including that the spruiker was "a crook" who was "likely to rip off everyone with whom he came into contact".

Jenman was unable to prove just two of the points. The crook involved in this case had a lengthy criminal history and had served more than ten years in prison. Nevertheless, he still sued Jenman for calling him a crook. The Judge agreed that the crook was a crook.

As a direct result of Jenman's articles (plus a story on Channel Nine's 60 Minutes entitled 'The Sting' in which Jenman participated), this crook's business (ripping off the public) was shut-down.

Yes, the case cost Jenman a lot of money. But it was worth it because, ultimately, the public was protected from a crook.

In another separate and unrelated defamation case, which did not go to court, Jenman apologised to the director of a financial planning firm for criticising his honesty and competency. Anyone who reads Jenman's articles knows that he seldom holds back with his criticism. In this case, he went a little too far. He criticised the boss when he should have criticised his representative.

A number of investors, who had dealt with a licensed representative of the financial planning firm, had lost several hundred thousand dollars when they invested in Westpoint Corporation upon the advice of the representative. Jenman's error was in attacking the boss instead of the representative. A few months after Jenman apologised to the firm's boss, the former representative of the firm was banned by ASIC from giving financial advice for a period of eight years.

Here is the TRUTH:

When it comes to the accuracy of his articles, Jenman has a near perfect record. But Jenman is not perfect. All the spruikers who want to smear Jenman now say, "Look, Jenman defamed a businessman". What a twisted truth.

NOTE TO ALL SPRUIKERS. If there is an article on the Jenman web site about you that you believe is incorrect, contact Neil Jenman and tell him why you believe the article is wrong. If Jenman makes a mistake, he is happy to correct it. In almost ten years as a consumer advocate, Jenman has made two [defamatory] mistakes (one of which involved a convicted criminal). Almost certainly, one day, he will make a third mistake. In which case, he will correct it and apologise.