For years, spruikers have been trying to dig up damaging dirt on Neil Jenman.

One of the country's most notorious spruikers hired a private detective who spent more than a year following Neil Jenman and digging into his background.

The result? Nothing. Or, as one journalist who read the private detective's lame report wrote, "No smoking gun". Another quipped that the report made Neil Jenman look "positively boring".

Yes, staying at home with one's family, not drinking, not smoking, not being a general sleaze and not mistreating one's wife and family is considered "boring".

One real estate agent, who upset Neil Jenman's wife, later turned out to have abused his own wife for many years. When Jenman retaliated and revealed this detail, the agent then took over from the spruiker and continued to pay the private detective. "Did Neil ever bash you?" the detective asked Neil's former wife. "No, never," she replied. "He was a good husband and a wonderful father."

Darn. Poor spruikers - just because so many of them rip-off consumers, mistreat their own families and generally behave unethically and illegally, they think most other people do the same. Not so.

The spruikers and the agents who have hired private detectives have all been so disappointed.

One private detective told them that if they wanted to stop Jenman, they should not look at his personal life, but, instead, try and cut off his funding in his business life.

That's true.

Every business or cause needs funding to survive. If Jenman's supporters could be persuaded to abandon him, then he would have no "fuel" to drive his consumer protection cause.

Hence the campaign to smear Neil Jenman with lies, rumours, half-truths and innuendoes.