"Neil Jenman said he'd con the conmen"

This is one of the strangest criticisms made by the crooks. When ABC television's program Australian Story, featured the life of Neil Jenman, Neil said, ""I'll con the con men in order to save the people that they've ripped off."

So, the spruikers say, "Jenman is just like us, he cons people."

Just as undercover police will infiltrate crime gangs using deception, Jenman has, at times, infiltrated spruiking gangs with the help of volunteer supporters. Some of the results are hilarious.

The spruikers con the public. When necessary, Jenman cons the spruikers so that he can rescue their victims. What's wrong with that? Nothing, unless you are spruiker busted by Neil Jenman.

To watch the episode of Australian Story in which Neil said that he'd con the conmen, click here.