Jenman tells agents to charge more

The spruikers have got hold of an article that Neil Jenman wrote many years ago in which, according to the spruikers, he urges [his] agent followers to charge more commission. What Jenman actually told agents was that if they do a good job and get a good price for the owners, they are entitled to a good fee. Jenman stands by that article today. You can read it in full by clicking here.

What the spruikers do not say, however, is that Jenman has also told agents that if they do a poor job, they deserve a low (or even no) commission.

Nor do the spruikers say that, in 2008, Neil Jenman encouraged agents to offer a 'stand-by' commission rate of 1% to property sellers. As a result of Jenman's suggestion, many agents now offer a lower rate of commission (for sellers who require a lower level of service - as distinct from a lower price).

Here is the TRUTH:

Jenman believes agents should charge a range of flexible commissions based on two main factors: the service they offer and the price they achieve.