"Neil Jenman never had a real estate license"

Neil's response to this: "If I had operated an unlicensed real estate agency for ten years, then, not only would I have been breaking the law, but I would also have to refund the millions of dollars in commissions that I earned over the years."

Here is the TRUTH:

The business of Jenman Real Estate held a Corporation License and Neil Jenman was a director of the corporation together with another man, a fully licensed estate agent. Neil Jenman held the licenses he was required by law to hold, i.e. a salesman's certificate of registration for himself and a corporation license for the company.

Neil Jenman has never held a full estate agent's license, not because he couldn't get one, but because he doesn't want one. In his real estate office, he held all the licenses he was legally required to hold.

Neil Jenman's message to his agent critics is this: "I do not want to be one of you."