"Jenman sold his own home at auction"

For years, Neil Jenman has been a fierce critic of the auction system. He has exposed the deceit of dummy bidding and false quoting. He has shown how auctions are used by many agents to bully and intimidate sellers.

But, perhaps Jenman's greatest source of aggravation to auction agents is his revelation that, contrary to the myth perpetrated by agents, auctions seldom get the highest price. Indeed, it's more often the opposite. Auctions damage the value of properties.

Neil Jenman asks all property owners to remember four words about auctions…


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Many auction agents have hit back at Jenman by telling property sellers, "Did you know that Neil Jenman sold his own home by auction?"

This rumour has become a well-honed lie spread by many auction agents.

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Here is the TRUTH:

Neil Jenman has never sold his own home (or any property that he has ever owned) by auction. He would not choose a method of sale that gets him a lower price. He has, however, bought many properties at auction (because "auctions get lower prices").