"Neil Jenman earned a million dollars in a week"

Hang on. One minute, the critics are accusing Jenman of being a failed agent and the next minute they are accusing him of making too much money. That's laughable. The silly spruikers don't know what's going.

It's no secret that Neil Jenman has been successful in business, that he has made plans, set goals and worked hard. Like most people, Jenman's financial security is important to him and his family.

In 1993, a couple of years after he became a full-time real estate trainer, conducting courses and giving lectures to agents, Neil Jenman set himself a financial target. Earn a million dollars in a week. It's a target that many people would like to achieve.

In June 1993, more than a hundred real estate agents paid ten thousand dollars each to attend a five-day conference to learn Jenman's management methods.

Jenman did indeed gross more than a million dollars in one week. And few people felt better than the agents who attended his course. They raved about it. Many said that Neil's ideas not only helped their profits, but saved their businesses.

Neil Jenman had spent most of his working life developing his business and sales system. The fact that he sold it in a week for a million dollars indicates that he had something that others wanted - proven and profitable business systems.

Today, more than 15 years later, Neil's spruiker critics accuse him of being "just like them". According to the spruikers, the fact that Neil Jenman held seminars for which he charged $10,000 (or more) makes Neil Jenman just like the spruikers he criticises.

Well, here's the difference between Neil Jenman and the spruikers. Neil Jenman was selling a business system, most spruikers are selling huff and puff (at best).

Every person who attended Neil Jenman's real estate management course was given a guarantee (that no spruiker would dare to give). At the end of the five-day course, the agents received an implementation BLUEPRINT.

This 'Blueprint' set out, step-by-step, how to implement what was known as 'The Jenman System'. Agents who followed this Blueprint achieved spectacular success. Even today, 16 years later, many of these agents are still enjoying success thanks to Neil Jenman.

Neil Jenman gave the agents a guarantee. If they followed the Blueprint and did not achieve at least ten times the cost of the course in return, they could have a refund of the cost of the course. No agent ever took up the guarantee. Jenman's system worked, creating spectacular profits for agents.

Over the next ten or so years, Neil Jenman grossed more millions of dollars through this courses and his training systems for agents. In 2005, Neil sold his real estate training business to focus full-time on his consumer advocacy work.

Here is the TRUTH

(and it's an obvious one that Jenman's critics don't want you to know):

Neil Jenman sold a business that was earning him millions of dollars a year to devote himself to helping consumers (which has paid him virtually nothing). As one of Australia's most respected journalists commented, "Neil Jenman made his fortune out of real estate and now he is giving a large part of it back."

Clearly, Jenman's critics cannot get their heads around the fact that someone who is capable of earning a million dollars in a week would choose to work for next-to-nothing.

It's called 'belief in a cause'.

Neil Jenman said: "Consumer protection may not pay much financially, but protecting the public from spruikers is more satisfying than any money I have ever received. The public's loyalty and gratitude is priceless to me."

"In the mid 1990s, I paid $10,000 to attend Neil Jenman's Management course. It probably saved my business. The best system that I had seen in more than 40 years of real estate."

Sam Pennisi, former Chairman of the First National Real Estate Group.

"I was one of the hundreds or more agents who paid $10,000 to attend Neil Jenman's 1993 real estate management course. Like many who attended, I was enormously impressed and inspired with the brilliance of his business, client care ideas and philosophy."

Garry Nash, J.P., former President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria

"I own one of the most well-known brands in Brisbane. In all my years of real estate, no one has had as much positive influence on my business as Neil Jenman. Attending his course in the mid 1990s changed my business life."

Arthur Conias , Conias Real Estate, Toowong. Qld.

I have been a trainer with the Real Estate Institute of NSW for many years. However, I have never seen any courses for agents that matches the ethics and the business systems of the courses that Neil Jenman presented in the 1990s. Paying him $10,000 was one of the best investments of my life."

Tony Abboud, Snowden Parkes Real Estate, Ryde, NSW