and some comments from Mrs Reiden Jenman.

This web site has been put together by the family and friends of Neil Jenman, led primarily by Neil's wife Reiden Jenman and his daughter Ruth Jenman and, of course, the help of many valued supporters of Neil's consumer protection work.

Reiden Jenman has this to say about her husband's work:

Neil's determination to protect consumers is genuine and sincere. I live with the man and I see what he goes through in some of his battles, especially when he is trying to recover the savings of elderly people.

Our family has not benefited financially from Neil's consumer work. It has been the exact opposite. Neil has gone from owning a business that produces millions of dollars in profit to running a consumer protection campaign that struggles constantly for funds.

On a recent television biography about my husband, I was interviewed. One of the things I told the reporter was that, at times, I cry. Neil's critics have somehow twisted that comment, inferring that Neil mistreats me or that his consumer work hurts his family. Neil never mistreats me.

Reiden Jenman
Reiden Jenman
To the cowards who make these claims and to one coward in particular (who places our home address on the Internet and puts my family's safety at risk), I say this to you.

Your type disgust me. You lie, cheat and deceive the public for your own financial gain. When my husband stands up to protect the public, you then lie about him. I am proud of what my husband does. I am especially pleased when he thwarts your crooked schemes. Of course, as any wife would, I'd prefer that my husband not take so many risks. Yes, I worry about him. But that doesn't mean he mistreats me or his family. He is a wonderful husband and father as well as being a good man - and any assertion to the contrary is just plain false.

And to the man who placed our home address on the Internet: My husband knows your home address. You have ripped millions of dollars from investors. Many, I am sure, would like to wring your neck. I told my husband to put your home address on the Internet in retaliation for what you have done to us. He refused. He said that your wife and children should not be placed at risk because of your conduct. Unlike you, you weak coward, my husband believes that wives and children are off limits.

My husband had to be persuaded to set up this web site. If ever someone says he is being harshly criticised, he shrugs it off. Sometimes he laughs. He says, "But look who's criticising me. It's only the crooks."

My husband is an avid reader. He loves history. When it comes to his critics he often quotes Abraham Lincoln who, when asked if he was upset about all the terrible things that were being said about him, reportedly replied, "I would be more upset if they were true."

This web site answers most (if not all) of the major criticisms levelled at my husband. If you hear of anything that concerns you about my husband's character or conduct, you are welcome to contact me, his wife, Reiden Jenman on reiden @ realestatemonitors.com.au.

The concept for this site came from the site that Barack Obama's supporters set up to fight smears www.truthfightsback.com. Thanks for the idea!